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No one buys a home expecting to go into foreclosure. However, life causes unforeseen occurrences to happen to any of us, at anytime! The loss of employment, poor health, or the death of a family member can have a devastating effect on us, and cause certain hardships. No matter what the hardship is, ignoring it will only make matters worse, physically & emotionally. So you have to act quickly. View the videos below for a brief explanation.

  • In some cases, it's worth noting that foreclosures proceedings have been STOPPED THE DAY BEFORE the scheduled day of sale... How? ....Short Sales!!!
  • Shorts Sales are more attractive to the banks because, the loss to them is much less than if it were a foreclosure, due to holding costs and low-ball offers.
  • Lenders are pro-active towards Short Sales because homeowners are still maintaining and living inthe property, preventing premature deterioration, vandalism, and theft. 


                                  What Happens In A Foreclosure?

View a chart of the foreclosure procedure.

                             Short Sale vs Foreclosure

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