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Are You In Probate?


   I know that losing a close friend or a loved one is very difficult, and if you have inherited the responsibility as the Executor you now have the fiduciary responsibility to settle the Estate. This can be both lengthy and overwhelming.   
  As a Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist (CPRES), my team & I work diligently to relieve as much concern as possible by working with both Personal Representatives and their attorneys to help coordinate the real estate portion of the estate. Many times the real estate needs to liquidate to help settle debt. Probate has many moving pieces and timelines to keep up with. Here are just a few fiduciary duties that you may have to contend with, if you are the Executor of a Probate property:  

·        Occupancy Check & Secure the property
·        Updating Property Taxes & Insurance
·        Notifying all Creditors
·        Taking inventory & value of personal items  
·        Obtaining an Property Appraisal of Value
·        Notifying the heirs (if applicable)
·        Obtaining a property condition report
·        Hiring contractors or handyman
·        Trash-out, clean-up and landscape services
·        Locking and securing the property
·        …and many more.

  However, there may be other option to resolving this asset more quickly... I would be happy to meet or talk with you to see how my services can help you too.

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