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I first heard this story over 10-yrs ago. Since then I’ve heard a couple of renditions of it, but the moral of the story is the same.  Most recently, I heard it from a real estate coach, which prompted me to share it. So it goes something like this…
An old Cherokee is teaching his grandson about life:

He tells the grandson that there is a fight going on inside of him. He tells the boy that it’s a terrible fight between two wolves. The one wolf is full of envy, hatred, anger, lies and discouragement and only seeks to bring you down. The other wolf is good, kind, generous, loving and trusting, always seeking ways to encourage.
All of us have these two wolves fighting within ourselves. They battle everyday but only one can win. Everyone around you will be able to see and know which of the two wolves battling has won…  “Which one will win?” the boy asks his grandfather …it is the one you feed the most!

We all struggle with choices we make in life, some are easy, and others require more thought. We have all been taught to some degree what is right and what is wrong, the good and the bad. This we learned from our parents, from those who raised us and from those we socialize with. They become an influence in our lives. The story goes on to say that if you only feed the good side, the bad will be lurking in the shadows seeking an opportunity to pounce; and so that you should feed both and create balance.

However, I believe that if you allow the good to dominate & win, the bad will cower and stay in place. I don’t think we can totally get rid of the evil wolf, but he can be contained and controlled

The grandfather continues, “Peace, my son, is the Cherokee mission in life. The one who has peace inside has everything. The one who is pulled apart by war has nothing”

Credits: Dean Yeong


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