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"We buy cash and close quick!" How any commercials and signs did you see with this message today? They have become so numerous that we've become immune... they litter our streets and neighbors. I'm not writing this to "dump" on the investors that market this way, but rather to bring light to the professional real estate agents and Realtors.


You see, some of us Realtors are also investors, and often help other investors find and market their properties. Realtors not only have qualified buyers with bank loans, but we also "pools" of cash buyers (investors). We separate them as a "buy & flip" or "buy & hold" prospect... or interested party.


Not all Realtors work alike... some want nothing to do with investment or distressed properties. However all of us work hard for our clients... So if you find yourself in a dilemma where you need to sell your home "Quick & As-Is"... consider talking with a Realtor first. Not only can we get you cash offers, but multiple cash offers, getting you the highest possible price in its current condition.


Sure an investor will tell you that if you sell to them you won't have to pay Realtor fees, but you'll have to purchase at their price... not knowing if you could've gotten with a bit of exposure... often more than enough to cover Realtor fees.



My name is Diego; I'm a Realtor in the DFW area with real cash buyers... not someone who puts an offer in to tie up the property and then throwing all kinds of contingencies from inspection reports, etc.


If you need to sell a property due to inheritance, divorce, bankruptcy or some other hardship… consider using a licensed Real Estate Professional… you might be pleasantly surprised! If you have questions or concerns, give me a call or fill out the short form below…

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