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J. "Diego" Marin

Does it ever offend you when colleagues ask you if a particular program you’re using to generate “leads” is any good… especially when it’s followed by the “so how many leads have you gotten from it?” It really pulls at me especially when they aren’t subscribed to anything!!! I don’t know about you, but for me …if someone is looking to generate 2 or 3 more deals a month, a quarter or even a year… and they get them, then it works!

My measure of success is NOT necessarily going to be the same as yours, and I will most likely have different goals, needs and desires than you... right!? Since 1999, I’ve learned a few things in this real estate business… and that is that the vast majority of Realtors & agents alike “put on” a perception of being successful. From the car they drive, the clothes & jewelry they wear, to the places they mingle around. Granted, I also know for a fact, that the truly successful are quite respectful and sometimes modest. Yes, they do exist and they are not vain, rude or condescending… some are very respectful and even willing to drive a 3-yr old car. Real professionals…

The bottom line is this… use what works for YOU… Whatever phone, program or software it is… Don’t judge what your colleague uses… it may be all they can afford to do! As long as they’re able to get the j.o.b. done for their clients or themselves in a professional & ethical manner… that’s what matters. GEEZ! I’m not one to normally vent publicly… but sometimes you just have sit down and have a “Crown & Coke” …or two.

I'm sure some of you can relate... To your success my friends… to your success.


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