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                     WHAT IS A SHORT SALE?

Short Sales have been described a number of different ways. Basically it's when a mortgage lender has agreed to accept less than what's owed on the note. Watch the video below to help give you a visual explanation of a Short Sale, and you can also read my blog
"What Is a Short Sale?". 

How does a Short Sale and a Foreclosure differ?
Download a comparison chart

Three things must be present for a Short Sale consideration by the lender; watch the video to find out what.

Have You ever Wondered... "How Does One End Up In This Situation Anyway?"

You'd be surprised... Many believe that there has to be some drastic situation to occur for a homeowner to end up in foreclosure. Not so... sometimes a minor, unexpected issue can cause a normal situation to spiral out of control. Watch the short video below to see what I mean... 

While it seems that the upsurge of "short-sales" are dying off... there are still many who are struggling to make their mortgage. Don't allow a pending foreclosure to "freeze you in your tracks". You may still have a way out right up until the day of sale!


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